Will Semenax Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Is a natural male enhancement product like Semenax strong enough to cure erectile dysfunction? The makers of this product claim that it can. But how do you know if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction?

The main task of diagnosis of erectile dysfunction at this point is to evaluate the function of nerves and blood vessels involved in producing erections of the penis.

On the whole, assessing nerve function in this region of the body is difficult to do and not very satisfactory. Because there is no way to perform direct tests of the nerves responsible for erection, we test reflexes involving nerves from nearby areas of the spinal cord.

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A normal result provides circumstantial evidence that nerves to the penis are in working order. Most of the necessary testing can be done as part of a physical examination; more elaborate or extensive procedures involving male enhancement pills such as Semenax are usually neither feasible nor necessary.

The next major task is to test the integrity of the blood vessels of the penis. There are two important facts to know about these vessels: (1) whether they are affected by disease even at rest and (2) whether they respond normally to the transmitter signaling them to dilate.

Although we don’t know the transmitter itself, in 1983 it was discovered that Semenax male enhancement pills, powerful relaxers of smooth muscle, can be absorbed into the spongy tissue of the penis to produce dilation of the blood vessels and erection.

Injections are now used both in diagnosis and treatment of impotence; studies of blood supply to the penis are usually performed before and after the patient has taken a dose of Semenax.

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A good response pretty well rules out a severe vascular condition as the cause of impotence, but a poor response does not automatically mean that blood vessels are damaged. Some men respond with such high levels of anxiety that they override the effect of Semenax on semen volume.

An ultrasound technique known as a penile Doppler study can be used to estimate blood flow in the two main arteries that supply the penis, and blood pressure in the penis can be compared with blood pressure in the arm.

A more accurate technique is the duplex ultrasound Doppler study, which can measure both the diameter of the arteries and peak blood flow through them. This technique can help us understand whether Semenax can help cure erectile dysfunction.

Some men fail to achieve a complete erection or lose it quickly because the expanding sinusoids do not adequately close off the draining veins. Although this condition is probably not very common, venous leakage is currently attracting a lot of research attention.

venous leakage

Venous leakage can be studied by infusing a saline solution into the penis and taking pressure recordings. This procedure is done under local anesthesia.

By measuring the rate at which seminal fluid leaves the penis, we can estimate the amount of venous leakage. The site of the leak can be identified by injecting x-ray contrast material.

None of these tests should be automatically performed. It is impossible to emphasize too much that a sensitive and detailed interview is the most powerful tool in diagnosis of impotence. Everything else, including a test of semen quality, is an adjunct. Ultimately, testing is important to determine whether Semenax improves a man’s ability to get a satisfactory erection.

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