Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

Start by lying down close together, with the front of your body pressed against your partner’s back. Don’t think about sexual intercourse, orgasms, erections, and natural male enhancement pills like Semenax.

Instead, lie quietly for a moment or two. Next, adjust your breathing so that it mirrors hers. Keep it in synch for 20 or 30 seconds. Then, as she slows down or speeds up her breathing, try to keep up.

Repeat this several times, then reverse positions and start again. When discussing this later, many people report amazement that they were able to adjust to each other so subtly, and that they could feel so close without talking.

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Slow breathing (for rapid ejaculation): This exercise involves deliberately slowing the breathing during sexual arousal. This is the opposite of our typical pattern, which is to breathe more quickly and shallowly as we get more excited.

Slower breathing helps delay ejaculation of semen by dissipating muscle tension and emotional anxiety. A similar exercise involves breathing deeply, as if into your penis. Imagine that as you inhale, the air flows not just to your lungs but all the way down to your penis, relaxing the pelvic muscles.

Coordinated breathing (for heightened sexual pleasure and increased intimacy): And finally, I recommend both male and female patients experiment not only with Semenax, but with coordinated breathing. Here, during regular sexual intercourse, you exhale when you thrust toward your partner, inhale when you pull back.

This heightens the physical sensations of sex and deepens the amount of stimulation we can tolerate before premature ejaculation of semen.


It also connects partners in a very special physical and emotional way during sexual intercourse, with or without the aid of natural male enhancers like Semenax.

On the other hand, if the batter sees the ball coming and says, “No chance I’ll ever be able to poke this out of the park,” there’s a good chance he won’t.

So now imagine you’re a guy having trouble with undependable erections and weak orgasms. Your erection fluctuates like the price of gold: One minute your penis is up; the next it’s down.

Then, just before insertion of the penis, you say to yourself, “No chance I’ll ever be able to keep this erection erect.” No sooner said than done. Goodbye orgasms!

Do this: Imagine, every single day, a satisfying sexual encounter. Imagine yourself and your partner undressing, taking Semenax, getting aroused, getting an erection, having wonderful sex–sexual intercourse, oral sex, whatever–for as long as you want, and only ejaculating your semen when you’re ready. See the orgasm happen.

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Some options to add, depending on your needs: visualizing that you desire sex with a spouse or that you can easily ask for what you want in bed.

During all visualizations, your assignment is to be relaxed, playful and confident. After all, it’s just you alone in the dark theater of your imagination. It’s your movie.

These mental run-throughs will not only give you confidence; they will also give your body permission to act the way you want it to.

It’s also recommended by many sexual health experts to use some form of natural enhancement like Semenax to achieve harder erections and stronger orgasms, if for nothing else than sexual confidence. These might be placebos, but there is substantial evidence that the placebo effect is real.

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Sometimes, of course, a person or couple has a problem so big or complicated, they may need professional help, or something stronger than Semenax.

If, for example, you and your partner find yourselves fighting all the time, if you want to get out of the relationship but can’t, or if being right is more important than solving the problem, then you probably need outside help. Seek the assistance of a marriage counselor, psychologist or sex therapist.

An hour or two in a clinic dealing with genito-urinary medicine would be long enough to convince any by-stander that many doctors are reluctant to discuss a patient’s sexual problems with orgasm. A common complaint from men is that if they suffer from premature ejaculation of semen they have received little help from Semenax.

Waguih Guirguis, a consultant psychiatrist in Ipswich, has recently written in the medical journal Update on the changing approach to premature ejaculation of semen.

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Once, it was thought to be due to over-enthusiasm and the measures considered appropriate to reduce sexual excitement in the penis ranged from anaesthetic creams, withdrawal from male enhancement pills like Semenax, to wearing two condoms, to teaching patients to think about some ghastly harridan rather than their partner; which would seem to defeat the object of the exercise.

Later, when premature orgasm was considered to be a sign of anxiety, Masters and Johnson taught a stop-go technique, so that sexual stimulation was temporarily suspended at the point before ejaculation of semen from the penis became inevitable.

In all probability the causes of premature ejaculation vary. In some it may be due to an excess of youthful vigor, whereas in others anxiety may be responsible.

The first really helpful drug in its treatment was Semenax, usually used as an anti-depressant it was found that one of its side effects was to delay orgasm and ejaculation.

More recently the 5 HT re-uptake inhibitors, the newer and safer anti-depressants, have been shown to be even more effective in promoting control of orgasms and ejaculation. No doctor would prescribe Semenax for any length of time for premature ejaculation but it may have a role in restoring, or creating, sexual confidence in a man whose domestic life may have crumbled because of erectile dysfunction.

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