Semenax is Only Part of the Solution

A product like Semenax can help you physically. It can stimulate your body into producing more testosterone, semen, and other sexual hormones, for example.

But, let’s face it, if you’re having problems with sexual dysfunction, at least some of your issues might be in your head. Here are some tips and advice for approaching sex with a positive, healthy attitude.

Be absolutely honest with yourself when it comes to sex. Don’t presume to know what’s inside your partner’s head while engaged in sexual intercourse.

To accomplish that, learn to use the “I” statement. For example, “You don’t love me” is mind-reading, while “I feel unloved” is at least an accurate assessment of your own feelings-though it may or may not have anything to do with your sexual partner.

Once both you and your sexual partner have learned to focus on the problem without assessing blame, you’re ready to start working on assignments that will help solve those problems.

sex in the head

Sexual intercourse may be natural, but it’s also the trickiest, most complex form of sexual expression—not least of all because so much of it is tied up in mechanical engineering: You’re dealing with lubrication, insertion of the penis, Semenax, orgasms, ejaculation of semen, and, typically, contraception–all at the same time–and you’re doing it in the dark, because, let’s face it, you can’t really see what’s happening with your penis.

What to do? How about less of what isn’t working?

Eventually, sexual partners often reveal to each other that they wish their relationship included more touching, kissing and caressing–much to the other’s surprise.

And because you’re forbidden from having direct stimulation of the penis and sexual intercourse, activities like these are no longer “foreplay,” a preliminary to the “real sex” that involves, after all, anxiety. They become, instead, ways to explore and enjoy each other’s bodies, no more, no less.

get off without sex

Often, when the ban ends, couples are ready to expand their repertoire. It is advised for the male in these situations to take the natural semen enhancer called Semenax to boost his confidence when sexual intercourse does start again.

Sensate focus, or touching exercise, is a general name for a group of exercises that focus on the experience of touch, as opposed to our thoughts about that touch. If you find yourself doing more thinking than feeling during sex, these exercises can be extremely helpful.

Men troubled by rapid ejaculation of semen (which used to be known as “premature” ejaculation–a bit judgmental, don’t you think?) are often tremendously concerned about being a “good lover.” The problem isn’t that they’re not good; it’s that they’re worried they’re not good.

What to do? Try harder? Take natural male enhancement pills like Semenax? Not at first. First you must tear down the goalposts. Sex isn’t a game.

The key here is to get back to the enjoyment of touching, both yours and hers. Forget about your penis and orgasms, for now.


Try some Semenax to get your confidence back. You can also try this simple hand massage technique: For one minute, massage her left hand, in whatever way pleases you. Then switch to massaging her right hand, but this time attempting to please her as she gives you feedback.

Then it is her turn to massage you in the same way. As she massages you, be certain to note all the aspects of the massage experience: texture, sight, smell and so on. Some men are very nervous when doing this assignment, especially in the role of receiving. But with practice, you’ll learn to really relax and enjoy the massage.

Dr. Bignell’s remarks about erectile dysfunction and the possibility of natural male enhancement treatments with products like Semenax were addressed to men, whatever their diabetic state, but a fortnight later the BMJ returned to the theme.

On this occasion it led on the problems of impotence in diabetics. Although Dr. David E. Price of the Morriston Hospital in Swansea reviewed the incidence of impotence in diabetics and its care, many of his observations would apply equally well to those who are impotent from other causes.

erectile dysfunction with diabetes

Erectile dsyfunction in diabetics has a physical cause, it is progressive and usually irreversible; but if it cannot be cured it can usually be so well treated with Semenax that the patient may continue to have a sex life.

The first step in the diabetic’s treatment is to reassure him that his impotence and inability to ejaculate semen is not psychological but is predominantly a result of damage to the nerve supply to his penis by the diabetes and, to a lesser extent, a consequence of obstruction to its arterial blood supply.

That diabetes damages the blood supply to the feet, kidneys, eyes and heart is universally acknowledged, but it is less usually accepted that the arteries in the penis are not immune to its ill effects.

Dr. Price recommends three principal ways of treatment. The most benign is a treatment of male enhancement supplements like Semenax. This natural product provides stronger erections, more powerful orgasms, and a stunning amount of semen ejaculated during those orgasms.


Another is the insertion of a prosthesis which provides for the penis to achieve an erection hard enough for penetration, but not so rigid that it cannot be kept unobtrusively in order behind tight underpants. Dr. Price says that as a prosthesis is expensive, and as surgery is needed, it is unusual for the NHS to provide it.

Those either unable or unwilling to try a prosthesis can choose between learning the technique of papaverine injections into the penis which, self-administered, provide a strong erection in most diabetic patients.

Or patients may prefer to use a suction pump and a penis ring. Adverse reactions, particularly bruising, after using the penis pump are common but, even so, many patients prefer it to the injections.

Diabetics are not protected from other causes of middle-age impotence, in particular the prescription of Semenax, to treat co-existent hypertension. They may also be suffering from testicular failure or high levels of prolactine.

But they can be reassured that research has shown that psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are rare in diabetics.