Secrets of the Porn Stars

You’ve all seen it. Porn stars ejaculating massive amounts of semen. How do they do it? Well, I just might have figured out the answer to this eternal question.

I recently read an interview with a guy who’s worked in the porn industry for many years. He said:

“People are always talking about porn stars ejaculating so much. Is it all just special effects? How are these guys able to cum so powerfully?

Now, not every porn star cums huge amounts. I’ve been in this business a long time and have seen A LOT of ejaculations. To tell you the truth, most of these studs ejaculate pretty normal amounts most of the time.

Also, most of these cumshots are real. It’s not all fake special effects (except when you see someone shoot a gallon of cum for two minutes straight. Obviously not real).

BUT, there actually are ways to help your body stimulate the production of more semen. It’s not complicated. Here’s some advice:

1) Live a healthy life. No eating crap, smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol.
2) Try to drink tons of water.
3) Take a natural semen enhancer like Semenax.

Curious, I decided to find out more about Semenax. What exactly is it? This is what the official website says:

“Semenax is a natural herbal supplement that strengthens the male sexual system and stimulates an increased production of seminal fluid. The result is stronger and more impressive ejaculations and longer-lasting orgasms. You don’t need a prescription to buy Semenax and there are no negative side effects.”

Semenax Ingredients

Here’s a list of the main ingredients in Semenex, followed by a quick description of how they help sexual performance.

These ingredients are of the highest quality and are tested thoroughly for strength and purity.

Swedish Flower— This herb makes the prostate gland stronger. The prostate is very important to the production of semen.

L-lysine — Studies show that taking this amino acid along with zinc boosts testosterone levels, which increases the amount of seminal fluid produced by the male sexual system.

semenax ingredients

L-arginine HCL —This amino acid has been proven to dramatically increase the production of semen.

Epimedium Sagittatum — This herb increases blood circulation, allowing more blood to reach the penis, which results in better erections.

Zinc Oxide and Zinc Aspartate — There have been numerous studies which have concluded that taking zinc nearly doubles the amount of semen a man ejaculates.

L-carnitine — Another amino acid that helps increase the amount of sperm and sperm motility.

Muira Puama — A study showed that more than half of the men who took this herb reported a boost in libido and stronger erections.

Pumpkin Seed — These seeds are great for the prostate, which plays a key role in ejaculating more semen.

Maca — Studies have shown that men who take maca are more sexually active and can achieve and maintain bigger and harder erections than men who took a placebo.

Hawthorne — This herb is great for improving blood circulation. Erections occur when blood fills the penis, so the more blood the harder the erection.

Pine Bark Extract — This increases the amount of nitric oxide the human body produces. Nitric oxide is necessary for large, hard erections.

Because these ingredients are totally natural Semenax is safe to use. There aren’t any side effects to worry about.

This isn’t always the case with pharmaceutical drugs, which is why so many people prefer natural supplements like Semenax these days.

Get Your Money Back If You’re Not Satisfied

That’s right. The manufacturer of Semenax will give you a full refund if you decide the product is not for you.

That’s a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Here’s how it works:

If you purchase at least 2 bottles of Semenax (that’s a 60-day supply) you can return the empty bottles within 67 days and get your money back, minus shipping fees.

IMPORTANT: This offer is not valid if you purchase Semenax from anywhere other than the official website.

How Does Semenax Work?

In order to understand how Semenax works, you have to know how and why erections and orgasms occur. Basically, an orgasm happens when a series of muscles contract. These muscles are:

• The pubococcygeus muscle
• The anal sphincter
• Rectum
• Perineum
• Ejaculatory ducts
• Muscles around the penis

The length of your orgasm depends on the amount of seminal fluid you’re ejaculating. Obviously, once you’ve ejaculated all your fluid the orgasm ends.

Clearly, if you have an increased amount of seminal fluid you’ll also have a longer and more enjoyable orgasm. So aside from how awesome it looks to cum more, it also feels a lot better!

how semenax works

Now, the herbs and amino acids that make up the Semenax formula provide a lot of important nutrients to your sexual system.

One of the things these nutrients do is increase your seminal fluid. There’s more than one fluid. These fluids include:

• The seminal vesicle fluids
• The prostate gland fluid
• The seminal plasma
• Bulbourethral gland fluid

NOTE: Like any kind of supplement or vitamin, it takes some time for Semenax to work. You won’t just pop a Semenax pill and start cumming buckets. A little patience is required.

In fact, it’s recommended to use Semenax for at least 60 days to get the full effect.

Remember, if it doesn’t work, or if you don’t like Semenax for any reason, you can simply return the bottles and get your money back. As long as you’ve purchased Semenax from the official website, it shouldn’t be a problem.