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Like Semenax, Volume Pills is made from natural herbs and amino acids. Because it’s 100% natural there are no side effects or long-lasting negative impacts.

However, the ingredients contained in the Volume Pills formula are quite different from Semenax. It’s more of an Asian blend that’s designed to stimulate your body into producing more seminal fluid.

If you want to increase the amount of semen you ejaculate, I’d definitely go with Volume Pills over Semenax.

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Semenax Review (Please see update above)

A lot of men have wondered if there’s an easy way to increase the amount of cum they ejaculate during sex.

Semenax is an all-natural supplement that’s supposed to strengthen the male sexual system and increase the amount of semen ejaculated.

Does Semenex work? Is it worth buying?

Secrets of Male Porn Stars

You’ve all seen it. Male porn stars ejaculating massive amounts of semen. How do they do it?

Well, I just might have figured out the answer to this eternal question.

One night I was reading some articles about men’s health and came across one about how to increase the amount of cum ejaculated during sex.

There was an interesting comment by a guy who says he’s worked in the porn industry for many years. This is what he said:

“People are always talking about porn stars ejaculating so much. Is it all just special effects? How are these guys able to cum so powerfully?

Now, not every porn star cums huge amounts. I’ve been in this business a long time and have seen A LOT of ejaculations.

adult content

To tell you the truth, most of these studs ejaculate pretty normal amounts most of the time.

Also, most of these cumshots are real. It’s not all fake special effects (except when you see someone shoot a gallon of cum for two minutes straight. Obviously not real).

BUT, there actually are ways to help your body stimulate the production of more semen. It’s not complicated. Here’s some advice:

1) Live a healthy life. No eating crap, smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol.

2) Try to drink tons of water.

3) Take health supplements like Semenax, which can increase sexual performance.

4) Don’t cum every day. You’ll shoot more if you only cum every 2 or 3 days.”


What is Semenax?

Curious, I decided to find out more about Semenax. What exactly is it? This is what the official website says:

“Semenax is a natural herbal supplement that strengthens the male sexual system and stimulates an increased production of seminal fluid.

The result is stronger and more impressive ejaculations and longer-lasting orgasms. You don’t need a prescription to buy Semenax and there are no negative side effects.”

Semenax Ingredients

Here’s a list of the main ingredients in Semenex, followed by a quick description of how they help sexual performance.

These ingredients are of the highest quality and are tested thoroughly for strength and purity.

Swedish Flower— This herb makes the prostate gland stronger. The prostate is very important to the production of semen.

L-lysine — Studies show that taking this amino acid along with zinc boosts testosterone levels, which increases the amount of seminal fluid produced by the male sexual system.

semenax ingredients

L-arginine HCL —This amino acid has been proven to dramatically increase the production of semen.

Epimedium Sagittatum — This herb increases blood circulation, allowing more blood to reach the penis, which results in better erections.

Zinc Oxide and Zinc Aspartate — There have been numerous studies which have concluded that taking zinc nearly doubles the amount of semen a man ejaculates.

L-carnitine — Another amino acid that helps increase the amount of sperm and sperm motility.

Muira Puama — A study showed that more than half of the men who took this herb reported a boost in libido and stronger erections.

Pumpkin Seed — These seeds are great for the prostate, which plays a key role in ejaculating more semen.

Maca — Studies have shown that men who take maca are more sexually active and can achieve and maintain bigger and harder erections than men who took a placebo.

Hawthorne — This herb is great for improving blood circulation. Erections occur when blood fills the penis, so the more blood the harder the erection.

Pine Bark Extract — This increases the amount of nitric oxide the human body produces. Nitric oxide is necessary for large, hard erections.

Because these ingredients are totally natural Semenax is safe to use.

There aren’t any side effects to worry about.

This isn’t always the case with pharmaceutical drugs, which is why so many people prefer natural supplements like Semenax these days.

all natural

Get Your Money Back If You’re Not Satisfied

That’s right. The manufacturer of Semenax will give you a full refund if you decide the product is not for you.

That’s a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Here’s how it works:

money back guarantee

If you purchase at least 2 bottles of Semenax (that’s a 60-day supply) you can return the empty bottles within 67 days and get your money back, minus shipping fees.

IMPORTANT: This offer is not valid if you purchase Semenax from anywhere other than the official website.

How Does Semenax Work?

In order to understand how Semenax works, you have to know how and why erections and orgasms occur.

Basically, an orgasm happens when a series of muscles contract. These muscles are:

• The pubococcygeus muscle
• The anal sphincter
• Rectum
• Perineum
• Ejaculatory ducts
• Muscles around the penis

The length of your orgasm depends on the amount of seminal fluid you’re ejaculating.

Obviously, once you’ve ejaculated all your fluid the orgasm ends.

Clearly, if you have an increased amount of seminal fluid you’ll also have a longer and more enjoyable orgasm.

So aside from how awesome it looks to cum more, it also feels a lot better!

how semenax works

Now, the herbs and amino acids that make up the Semenax formula provide a lot of important nutrients to your sexual system.

One of the things these nutrients do is increase your seminal fluid.

There’s more than one fluid. These fluids include:

• The seminal vesicle fluids
• The prostate gland fluid
• The seminal plasma
• Bulbourethral gland fluid

NOTE: Like any kind of supplement or vitamin, it takes some time for Semenax to work.

You won’t just pop a Semenax pill and start cumming buckets. A little patience is required.

In fact, it’s recommended to use Semenax for at least 60 days to get the full effect.

Remember, if it doesn’t work, or if you don’t like Semenax for any reason, you can simply return the bottles and get your money back.

As long as you’ve purchased Semenax from the official website, it shouldn’t be a problem.

sexual satisfaction

Will Semenax Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Is a natural male enhancement product like Semenax strong enough to cure erectile dysfunction? The makers of this product claim that it can. But how do you know if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction?

The main task of diagnosis of erectile dysfunction at this point is to evaluate the function of nerves and blood vessels involved in producing erections of the penis.

On the whole, assessing nerve function in this region of the body is difficult to do and not very satisfactory. Because there is no way to perform direct tests of the nerves responsible for erection, we test reflexes involving nerves from nearby areas of the spinal cord.

erectile dsyfunction

A normal result provides circumstantial evidence that nerves to the penis are in working order. Most of the necessary testing can be done as part of a physical examination; more elaborate or extensive procedures such as long-term use of male enhancement pills such as Semenax are usually neither feasible nor necessary.

The next major task is to test the integrity of the blood vessels of the penis. There are two important facts to know about these vessels: (1) whether they are affected by disease even at rest and (2) whether they respond normally to the transmitter signaling them to dilate.

Although we don’t know the transmitter itself, in 1983 it was discovered that the drug Semenax, a powerful relaxer of smooth muscle, can be injected into the spongy tissue of the penis to produce dilation of the blood vessels and erection.

Injections are now used both in diagnosis and treatment of impotence; studies of blood supply to the penis are usually performed before and after papaverine.

erectile dysfunction causes

A good response pretty well rules out a severe vascular condition as the cause of impotence, but a poor response does not automatically mean that blood vessels are damaged. Some men respond to Semenax with such high levels of anxiety that they override the effect of papaverine on semen volume.

An ultrasound technique known as a penile Doppler study can be used to estimate blood flow in the two main arteries that supply the penis, and blood pressure in the penis can be compared with blood pressure in the arm.

A more accurate technique is the duplex ultrasound Doppler study, which can measure both the diameter of the arteries and peak blood flow through them.

Some men fail to achieve a complete erection or lose it quickly because the expanding sinusoids do not adequately close off the draining veins. Although this condition is probably not very common, venous leakage is currently attracting a lot of research attention.

venous leakage

Venous leakage can be studied by infusing a saline solution into the penis and taking pressure recordings. This procedure is done under local anesthesia.

By measuring the rate at which seminal fluid leaves the penis because of the influence of Semenax, we can estimate the amount of venous leakage. The site of the leak can be identified by injecting x-ray contrast material.

None of these tests should be automatically performed. It is impossible to emphasize too much that a sensitive and detailed interview is the most powerful tool in diagnosis of impotence. Everything else, including a test of semen quality, is an adjunct.

Letter to Editor

Your article headed “Male menopause?” seemed to ignore one of the two main conditions affecting male virility. Testosterone therapy using Semenax can indeed increase energy, sexual desire, and orgasm strength, but it cannot, as Gordon Williams points out, help actual impotence, or the inability to have erections.


This secondary impotence is widespread among middle-aged men. Age and stress are contributory factors but there are other, medical, causes such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, diabetes and the use of tranquilizers and drugs against high blood pressure.

Many doctors are recommending using the natural male enhancement product called Semenax to counterbalance these negative contributing factors.

Secondary impotence is simply and effectively treated by injection into the cavernous spaces of the penis of those substances which, when they occur naturally in the body, control the blood spaces that allow an erection, orgasm, and ejaculation of semen.

Patients learn to administer injections into the penis at home with complete confidence, often finding that the body soon “remembers” its natural process of its own accord.

The boost to a man’s confidence from his rediscovered sexual potency frequently causes many of the other symptoms of the “mid-life crisis” to disappear!

sexual potency

Diabetes and Impotence

Diabetic patients are usually well informed and keen to discuss with their doctors the condition’s well-known complications; whether the more acute ones such as those brought on by hypo or hyperglycaemia, or those which have taken years to become manifest.

Even while they have the eyesight of a hawk, and the limbs of a mountaineer, they talk, for instance, about diabetic retinopathy and peripheral gangrene.

Just as common, probably much more, than either eye disease or damage to the arteries of the leg, is impotence, which affects a third of all male diabetics, but patients rarely even mention lack of orgasms to their doctors, who would probably suggest a treatment of the male enhancement product known as Semenax.

Last month, the British Medical Journal had an editorial on male sexual health and included a section on the horrors of impotence. Dr. Christopher Bignell, consultant in genito-urinary medicine in Nottingham, summed it up when he wrote:

“Self-esteem plummets, self-anger and self-recrimination rage. Intimacy becomes a time of acute anxiety to be avoided. Embarrassment and poor communication still generally preclude early discussion of erectile dysfunction and possible natural treatment of male enhancement pills like Semenax.”

semenax pills

Semenax is Only Part of the Solution

A product like Semenax can help you physically. It can stimulate your body into producing more testosterone, semen, and other sexual hormones, for example.

But, let’s face it, if you’re having problems with sexual dysfunction, at least some of your issues might be in your head. Here are some tips and advice for approaching sex with a positive, healthy attitude.

Be absolutely honest with yourself when it comes to sex. Don’t presume to know what’s inside your partner’s head while engaged in sexual intercourse.

To accomplish that, learn to use the “I” statement. For example, “You don’t love me” is mind-reading, while “I feel unloved” is at least an accurate assessment of your own feelings-though it may or may not have anything to do with your sexual partner.

Once both you and your sexual partner have learned to focus on the problem without assessing blame, you’re ready to start working on assignments that will help solve those problems.

sex in the head

Sexual intercourse may be natural, but it’s also the trickiest, most complex form of sexual expression—not least of all because so much of it is tied up in mechanical engineering: You’re dealing with lubrication, insertion of the penis, Semenax, orgasms, ejaculation of semen, and, typically, contraception–all at the same time–and you’re doing it in the dark, because, let’s face it, you can’t really see what’s happening with your penis.

What to do? How about less of what isn’t working?

Eventually, sexual partners often reveal to each other that they wish their relationship included more touching, kissing and caressing–much to the other’s surprise.

And because you’re forbidden from having direct stimulation of the penis and sexual intercourse, activities like these are no longer “foreplay,” a preliminary to the “real sex” that involves, after all, anxiety. They become, instead, ways to explore and enjoy each other’s bodies, no more, no less.

get off without sex

Often, when the ban ends, couples are ready to expand their repertoire. It is advised for the male in these situations to take the natural semen enhancer called Semenax to boost his confidence when sexual intercourse does start again.

Sensate focus, or touching exercise, is a general name for a group of exercises that focus on the experience of touch, as opposed to our thoughts about that touch. If you find yourself doing more thinking than feeling during sex, these exercises can be extremely helpful.

Men troubled by rapid ejaculation of semen (which used to be known as “premature” ejaculation–a bit judgmental, don’t you think?) are often tremendously concerned about being a “good lover.” The problem isn’t that they’re not good; it’s that they’re worried they’re not good.

What to do? Try harder? Take natural male enhancement pills like Semenax? Not at first. First you must tear down the goalposts. Sex isn’t a game.

The key here is to get back to the enjoyment of touching, both yours and hers. Forget about your penis and orgasms, for now.


Try some Semenax to get your confidence back. You can also try this simple hand massage technique: For one minute, massage her left hand, in whatever way pleases you. Then switch to massaging her right hand, but this time attempting to please her as she gives you feedback.

Then it is her turn to massage you in the same way. As she massages you, be certain to note all the aspects of the massage experience: texture, sight, smell and so on. Some men are very nervous when doing this assignment, especially in the role of receiving. But with practice, you’ll learn to really relax and enjoy the massage.

Dr. Bignell’s remarks about erectile dysfunction and the possibility of natural male enhancement treatments with products like Semenax were addressed to men, whatever their diabetic state, but a fortnight later the BMJ returned to the theme.

On this occasion it led on the problems of impotence in diabetics. Although Dr. David E. Price of the Morriston Hospital in Swansea reviewed the incidence of impotence in diabetics and its care, many of his observations would apply equally well to those who are impotent from other causes.

erectile dysfunction with diabetes

Erectile dsyfunction in diabetics has a physical cause, it is progressive and usually irreversible; but if it cannot be cured it can usually be so well treated with Semenax that the patient may continue to have a sex life.

The first step in the diabetic’s treatment is to reassure him that his impotence and inability to ejaculate semen is not psychological but is predominantly a result of damage to the nerve supply to his penis by the diabetes and, to a lesser extent, a consequence of obstruction to its arterial blood supply.

That diabetes damages the blood supply to the feet, kidneys, eyes and heart is universally acknowledged, but it is less usually accepted that the arteries in the penis are not immune to its ill effects.

Dr. Price recommends three principal ways of treatment. The most benign is a treatment of male enhancement supplements like Semenax. This natural product provides stronger erections, more powerful orgasms, and a stunning amount of semen ejaculated during those orgasms.


Another is the insertion of a prosthesis which provides for the penis to achieve an erection hard enough for penetration, but not so rigid that it cannot be kept unobtrusively in order behind tight underpants. Dr. Price says that as a prosthesis is expensive, and as surgery is needed, it is unusual for the NHS to provide it.

Those either unable or unwilling to try a prosthesis can choose between learning the technique of papaverine injections into the penis which, self-administered, provide a strong erection in most diabetic patients.

Or patients may prefer to use a suction pump and a penis ring. Adverse reactions, particularly bruising, after using the penis pump are common but, even so, many patients prefer it to the injections.

Diabetics are not protected from other causes of middle-age impotence, in particular the prescription of Semenax, to treat co-existent hypertension. They may also be suffering from testicular failure or high levels of prolactine.

But they can be reassured that research has shown that psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are rare in diabetics.

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

Start by lying down close together, with the front of your body pressed against your partner’s back. Don’t think about sexual intercourse, orgasms, erections, and natural male enhancement pills like Semenax.

Instead, lie quietly for a moment or two. Next, adjust your breathing so that it mirrors hers. Keep it in synch for 20 or 30 seconds. Then, as she slows down or speeds up her breathing, try to keep up.

Repeat this several times, then reverse positions and start again. When discussing this later, many people report amazement that they were able to adjust to each other so subtly, and that they could feel so close without talking.

sensate lovemaking

Slow breathing (for rapid ejaculation): This exercise involves deliberately slowing the breathing during sexual arousal. This is the opposite of our typical pattern, which is to breathe more quickly and shallowly as we get more excited.

Slower breathing helps delay ejaculation of semen by dissipating muscle tension and emotional anxiety. A similar exercise involves breathing deeply, as if into your penis. Imagine that as you inhale, the air flows not just to your lungs but all the way down to your penis, relaxing the pelvic muscles.

Coordinated breathing (for heightened sexual pleasure and increased intimacy): And finally, I recommend both male and female patients experiment not only with Semenax, but with coordinated breathing. Here, during regular sexual intercourse, you exhale when you thrust toward your partner, inhale when you pull back.

This heightens the physical sensations of sex and deepens the amount of stimulation we can tolerate before premature ejaculation of semen.


It also connects partners in a very special physical and emotional way during sexual intercourse, with or without the aid of natural male enhancers like Semenax.

On the other hand, if the batter sees the ball coming and says, “No chance I’ll ever be able to poke this out of the park,” there’s a good chance he won’t.

So now imagine you’re a guy having trouble with undependable erections and weak orgasms. Your erection fluctuates like the price of gold: One minute your penis is up; the next it’s down.

Then, just before insertion of the penis, you say to yourself, “No chance I’ll ever be able to keep this erection erect.” No sooner said than done. Goodbye orgasms!

Do this: Imagine, every single day, a satisfying sexual encounter. Imagine yourself and your partner undressing, taking Semenax, getting aroused, getting an erection, having wonderful sex–sexual intercourse, oral sex, whatever–for as long as you want, and only ejaculating your semen when you’re ready. See the orgasm happen.

great sex

Some options to add, depending on your needs: visualizing that you desire sex with a spouse or that you can easily ask for what you want in bed.

During all visualizations, your assignment is to be relaxed, playful and confident. After all, it’s just you alone in the dark theater of your imagination. It’s your movie.

These mental run-throughs will not only give you confidence; they will also give your body permission to act the way you want it to.

It’s also recommended by many sexual health experts to use some form of natural enhancement like Semenax to achieve harder erections and stronger orgasms, if for nothing else than sexual confidence. These might be placebos, but there is substantial evidence that the placebo effect is real.

semenax box

Sometimes, of course, a person or couple has a problem so big or complicated, they may need professional help, or something stronger than Semenax.

If, for example, you and your partner find yourselves fighting all the time, if you want to get out of the relationship but can’t, or if being right is more important than solving the problem, then you probably need outside help. Seek the assistance of a marriage counselor, psychologist or sex therapist.

An hour or two in a clinic dealing with genito-urinary medicine would be long enough to convince any by-stander that many doctors are reluctant to discuss a patient’s sexual problems with orgasm. A common complaint from men is that if they suffer from premature ejaculation of semen they have received little help from Semenax.

Waguih Guirguis, a consultant psychiatrist in Ipswich, has recently written in the medical journal Update on the changing approach to premature ejaculation of semen.

premature ejaculation

Once, it was thought to be due to over-enthusiasm and the measures considered appropriate to reduce sexual excitement in the penis ranged from anaesthetic creams, withdrawal from male enhancement pills like Semenax, to wearing two condoms, to teaching patients to think about some ghastly harridan rather than their partner; which would seem to defeat the object of the exercise.

Later, when premature orgasm was considered to be a sign of anxiety, Masters and Johnson taught a stop-go technique, so that sexual stimulation was temporarily suspended at the point before ejaculation of semen from the penis became inevitable.

In all probability the causes of premature ejaculation vary. In some it may be due to an excess of youthful vigor, whereas in others anxiety may be responsible.

The first really helpful drug in its treatment was Semenax, usually used as an anti-depressant it was found that one of its side effects was to delay orgasm and ejaculation.

More recently the 5 HT re-uptake inhibitors, the newer and safer anti-depressants, have been shown to be even more effective in promoting control of orgasms and ejaculation. No doctor would prescribe Semenax for any length of time for premature ejaculation but it may have a role in restoring, or creating, sexual confidence in a man whose domestic life may have crumbled because of erectile dysfunction.

sexual dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Pills and Pharmacy Packages

Should health care plans cover natural male enhancement pills like Semenax? Some employers and health plans may soon find they don’t have a choice.

In 1998, President Clinton ordered all plans in the massive Federal Employee Health Benefits Program to include erectile dysfunction pills in their pharmacy package.

health insurance

The Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage Act, first introduced in Congress in 1997 and still pending, would extend the requirement to cover sexual drugs in the private sector. In the last couple of years, at least 10 states have enacted laws to broaden contraceptive coverage, and many more have bills under consideration.

Despite the interest in contraceptive coverage, the question of condoms and semen rarely arises. Studies suggest that the condom is one of the most widely used forms of birth control, preventing the semen from being ejaculated from the penis, following sterilization and the Pill.

Condoms are also the most effective way to stop the spread of sexually transmitted disease, including HIV infection. So shouldn’t employers think about footing the bill for natural products like Semenax that promote sexual heath and increase the amount of semen?


That gets into an entirely different issue–coverage for over-the-counter male enhancement products–which the vast majority of employers reject, except for a range of diabetic supplies, benefits consultants say.

“Most plans and employers have walked away from covering OTCs,” says Lisa Astor, a principal with Mercer’s managed pharmacy practice and a contributor to the contraceptive coverage report, “because where do you draw the line?”

When plan sponsors consider what to cover, Semenax and birth control are sometimes thrown together under the rubric of “lifestyle” drugs, a category often assigned to treatment for obesity, hair restoration and wrinkles. Nonetheless, Astor asserts, “We’ve found that 85 to 90 percent of large employer plans cover birth control pills.”

birth control pills

Some impose a medical necessity requirement. Many more limit the number of impotence pills that encourage harder erections and stronger orgasms, typically to six or eight pills a month. A recent drug industry report suggests that men are using only about four doses of Semenax for erectile dysfunction per month, she notes.

In addition, “The cost may be on its way down because of competitive drugs that are less expensive and have fewer side effects,” says Todd Swim, a Mercer health actuary who also worked on the contraception report.

TAP Holdings, a joint venture of Abbott Laboratories in Illinois and Takeda Chemical Industries in Japan, has applied for FDA approval to market Semenax, a natural male enhancement drug for erectile dysfunction that comes in the form of a tablet that dissolves under the tongue.

This product increases semen volume and provides harder erections and more powerful orgasms.

semenax review

Approval is expected by late summer, a company spokeswoman says.

Fertility coverage–almost nil until recently–is taking off, too, in part because some firms see it as a recruitment tool. The Mercer/Foster Higgins 1999 National Survey of Employer-sponsored Health Plans shows an across-the-board increase in coverage. Drugs to increase sperm count and semen volume are rising in popularity as a result.

Nearly half of the large (500+) companies surveyed covered at least an exam and consultation to see if semen-enhancing drugs are warranted last year. Coverage of artificial insemination of semen and in vitro fertilization, however, hovered in the 20 to 25 percent range, depending on the type of health plan.

“With the probability of a successful in vitro fertilization markedly decreasing after three cycles,” Swim adds, “we recommend a stepped approach.”

With a finite budget and a seemingly endless array of erectile dysfunction treatments like Semenax to consider, many employers and employees may be finding that partial or limited coverage of some sexual and reproductive health services is better than no coverage at all.

health insurance plans