Semenax Review – I Stopped Using It


I’ve been using Semenax for years and have been pretty satisfied with it. But there’s a new product out that is much more effective at increasing the amount of semen you ejaculate. It’s called Volume Pills.

A friend recommended this product to me. He said he was shooting massive amounts of cum because of it. So I stopped taking Semenax and starting with Volume Pills.

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The results were fantastic! I’ve at least doubled the volume of semen I’m ejaculating. My orgasms last longer and feel much more powerful. My partner is extremely impressed with my ability to shoot so much cum.

This is definitely the product to get if you want to increase the amount of semen you ejaculate.

Volume Pills is similar to Semenax in that it’s a totally natural product that doesn’t have any negative side effects. The formula is quite different from Semenax. It’s a very Asian blend of natural herbs and nutrients that really stimulates the body into producing more semen volume.

All I can say is, it really works!

You can check out the Volume Pills website HERE. You’ll find a detailed list of ingredients, testimonials, and a variety of packages available.

For example, if you get a year’s supply it works out to less than $30 a month. That’s less than a dollar a day to cum like a porn star!

This product is not available in stores. I highly recommend purchasing it from the manufacturer’s website because you’ll then be eligible for a full money-back guarantee.

If you purchase it elsewhere you will not be able to get your money back if you’re not satisfied. The manufacturer’s website can be found HERE.

How to Increase Sperm Volume

Is there a simple yet effective way to increase the amount of cum when you ejaculate?

There’s a product called Semenax that is supposed to supply your body with the kind of nutrients that will increase your sperm volume. But does Semenax work? Find out in this review.

Porn Star Secrets

Have you ever wondered why some porn stars are able to ejaculate so much semen?

Well, I have, and I think I might have discovered the answer.

I was reading through a private sex forum one night and came across a thread about how to cum more. One of the replies came from a guy who claims to be in the porn business. Check out what he says:

“There’s been a lot of talk here regarding the ability to increase semen volume and ejaculation power, and a lot of talk of porn special effects.

To begin with, not ALL porn stars ejaculate so much. In fact, being in the business myself and seeing a lot of various porn for obvious reasons, I honestly believe that most porn studs wouldn’t be able to have a decent ejaculation if their life depended on it.

Second, the cumshots are real 99% of the time. So ignore those people who say it’s all fake and it’s all special effects. It’s not (except in cases when some guy with a fake plastic cock ejaculates the equivalent of 5 gallons for about 3 minutes non-stop…obviously fake).

Finally, there really are ways to increase the amount of semen when you ejaculate. Here are some tips:

1) Eat healthy, skip the junk food, don’t smoke, and keep the drinking of alcohol to a minimum
2) Drink a lot of water
3) Take a natural supplement like Semenax
4) Try not to ejaculate for 2 to 3 days. After a few days, your body will get rid of excess semen so it won’t matter.”

What is Semenax?

After reading the above statement, I looked up Semenax and this is what I found. According to the manufacturer’s website:

“Semenax is an all-natural supplement designed to increase the amount of seminal fluid in men. This means larger amounts of ejaculate and more intense orgasm. There are no side effects and no prescription is needed.”


What are the Ingredients in Semenax?

Here are the main ingredients in Semenax pills and their benefits to your body’s reproductive system. The manufacturer claims that they thoroughly test their ingredients to make sure they’re of the highest quality and strength.

Swedish Flower— Strengthens the prostrate, which is a gland that plays a major role in the production of seminal fluid.
L-arginine HCL —Has been shown in scientific studies to double semen volume.
L-lysine — Studies have proven that taking L-lysine and zinc together boosts the production of sperm by increasing testosterone levels.
Epimedium Sagittatum — Increases the amount of blood reaching the penis, resulting in harder erections.
Zinc Oxide and Zinc Aspartate — Clinical studies have shown that taking zinc in these forms can increase overall male sexual performance by 200%.
L-carnitine — Increases the concentration of sperm and improves sperm motility.
Pumpkin Seed — Supports the health and functioning of the prostate, thereby increasing the amount of seminal fluid during ejaculation.
Maca — Participants in clinical trials who took maca for 21 days almost doubled their sexual activity, with a noticeable increase in performance ability.
Muira Puama — Clinical studies showed that 62% of test subjects who took this herb reported a stronger sex drive, while 51% of the subjects said they experienced much stronger erections.
Pine Bark Extract — Stimulates nitric oxide production, which is essential for getting hard, thick erections.
Hawthorne — Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thereby improving the flow of blood to the penis, which leads to more intense and harder erections.

Is Semenax safe to use? These ingredients are all 100% natural, so they are perfectly safe. And you don’t have to worry about bad side effects when using Semenax. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, which are full of man-made chemicals, natural remedies are safe to use and without side effects.


The Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Semenax offers a money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the product:

“Buy at least 2 bottles (a 60-day supply) and if you’re not completely satisfied, send back the empty bottles within 67 days for a full refund (minus shipping fees).”

PLEASE NOTE: The money-back guarantee is only valid if you buy Semenax through the official manufacturer’s website.

How Does Semenax Work?

To understand how the Semenax volume enhancer works, you must first understand how an orgasm works.

Essentially, an orgasm is a contraction of a series of muscles:

• The pubococcygeus muscle
• The anal sphincter
• Rectum
• Perineum
• Ejaculatory ducts
• Muscles around the penis

How long you experience an orgasm depends on how much seminal fluid is available. Once you ejaculate your fluid, your orgasm starts to diminish.

So more seminal fluid means a longer, more intense orgasm, which is another reason to try and increase the amount of fluid in your ejaculation.


The ingredients in Semenex are supposed to provide key nutrients to your reproductive system. These nutrients should increase the fluids that make up your ejaculate.

These fluids include:

• The seminal vesicle fluids
• The prostate gland fluid
• The seminal plasma
• Bulbourethral gland fluid

NOTE: Don’t expect to take Semenax pills once and immediately start to shoot buckets of cum. Like any vitamin, it takes time for the Semenax dosage to build up in your system.

The makers of Semenax recommend taking it for 60-90 days to experience full results.

Again, please remember that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the results when using Semenax, but you must buy Semenax from the official website in order to be eligible for the full-price refund.